When values are aligned: Meeting Selma Blair on her Alinker

It has been 7 years since we incorporated the Alinker Inventions, and this is only the third year that Alinkers are available to be purchased. We always knew that one day something would happen whereby the Alinker would get sudden attention, and we could not have wished for a better person than Selma Blair to find us. Since Selma Blair shared her experiences on Instagram, the Alinker has received an unprecedented number of emails, requests and sales.

The photo of Selma and BE meeting for the first time went all over the world through publications in Us MagazineEntertainment TonightWomen’s Health MagazinePopCulture, and Too Fab.

So we are scaling up to meet the new demand! Our team is small yet focused, versatile and committed. Together we are building healthcare that supports all of us, our wellness, health and happiness, and we do this through building a community that cares. 

We made this short video for you. We thought it would be great to show you all that happens behind the scenes of a small start up that makes a complicated product and is focused on values before profit. You can see what we do behind the scenes so that you can do go online, order an Alinker and get it delivered 3-4 weeks later. We also show what happens when Selma Blair publicly announces her enthusiasm for the Alinker and what needs to happen in order to match the increased interest!

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